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america News: US Election 2020: Trump fight between Trump and Biden in presidential election, both candidates on par in 12 states - who will win us primary election 2020, donald trump or joe biden, know what latest survey says

Although Biden appears to be taking the lead in many surveys of the US presidential election, but Donald Trump is not far behind. The latest survey shows that in two of the 51 states of America, there is a close contest between these two candidates. There is less than a month left in the presidential election. In such a situation, it is believed that despite falling behind, the current President Donald Trump can do a miracle.

Thorn collision in these states
The United States has Florida, Arizona, Georgia, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin swing states for the presidential election. Here Democratic and Republican candidates seem to be getting equal support. In such a situation, these states are considered important for elections. Both Trump and Biden are working day and night to gain a decisive edge in these states.

Biden leads in many surveys
According to The Hill News website, the New York Times-Siena College Survey revealed in its poll report released on Monday that Biden gained 10 points in Wisconsin and 8 points in Michigan. Meanwhile, a CBS News-YouGov tracking poll released on Sunday revealed Trump was trailing from Biden to both Michigan and Nevada. Also Biden was ahead in Wisconsin’s RealClear Politics average by 5.5 points and Michigan by 7 points.

The case is also stuck in these states
A Reuters-Ipsos poll last week revealed that former Vice President Biden currently holds a 5 percentage point lead in Pennsylvania and 6 percent in Wisconsin. Biden is receiving 50–50 percent support in these two states, while Trump is getting 45 percent support in Pennsylvania and 44 percent in Wisconsin.

Trump opposes lockdown in America
Addressing the first election rally in Florida after being infected with the Corona virus, Trump said the lockdown had caused extensive damage to the states. While addressing his thousands of supporters in the US state of Florida, Trump said that we have to remember that I said this at the very beginning. The diagnosis cannot be worse than the problem. can not be done!

Biden handed over the command of the party to the left
Trump said in Florida that this is the most important election in US history. These people are eccentric. we must win. Biden made a corrupt deal in exchange for his party’s candidacy. He has given the command to socialists, Marxists and left extremists. You know they have no strength left. He said that if Biden wins, the left extremists will run the country and they have the addiction of power.


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