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It is possible to make supermassive magnetic fields on the black hole colliding on Earth: Study

Black holes can swallow anything that comes near them, even the light. The curiosity to solve its mysteries has always been in the minds of scientists. Recently, the Nobel Prize in Physics has also been awarded to three scientists who have done research related to black. Now a study has claimed that such a powerful magnetic field can be created on earth itself which can compete with black holes.

Such a magnetic field can be created
Such a magnetic field will only be able to last for a few nanoseconds, but in that time many experiments of physics can be done. A live science report claimed that a magnetic field can be created to compare neutron stars and black holes. The report states that during a lab experiment in 2018, a field of a little over 1 kilograms (1000 Tesla) was made from the laser. It is now being claimed that a magnetic field of one megatesla (1 million Tesla) can be created.

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Experiments can be done in a few nanoseconds
Researchers, with the help of computer simulation and modeling, have discovered that shooting an ultra-intense laser pulse into an empty tube of a few micron diameters can deliver energy to the electrons of the tube wall and cause the tube to burst. The magnetic field already formed by this process can increase by 2-3 orders more. This field can only be 10 nanoseconds, but experiments of physics can be done in such a time. Many such experiments are done in physics where the particle disappears or the condition changes in the blink of an eye.

Powerful lasers being prepared
Researchers also say that such an experiment can be done with the help of existing technology. For this, a laser system will be needed, which has a pulse energy of 0.1 to 1 kilojoule and total power between 10-100 pW. 10 Petawot lasers are being sent under the European Extreme Light Infrastructure, while Chinese scientists are making 100 Petawot lasers called the Station of Extreme Light.


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