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Asian countries News: China, testing the DF-31A missile amidst tensions at sea, may hit the US - China testing df-31a intercontinental ballistic missile may attacks on us

China is secretly testing its nuclear strike missile amidst the scandal in South China Sea. A report released in Chinese media states that China’s nuclear force is maneuvering with an DF-31A (Dangfeng 31) nuclear missile at an undisclosed location these days. This missile is capable of hitting directly from China to the US. At present, tensions in the US and China are on the peak of giving deadly weapons to Taiwan.

China is giving direct warning to America
This Chinese missile testing site is located in Haiyan, Zhejiang Province, adjacent to the South China Sea. Here the Chinese Rocket Force and the Nuclear Force are jointly examining the preparations for the attack. It is believed that the real purpose of China’s preparations is to warn America and its allies. Because, these days China has become isolated all over the world. Not only this, even weak countries in military strength are showing their eyes.

How powerful is df-31
China’s Dongfeng-31 missile is capable of long-range nuclear attack. Its range is said to be from 7200 to 12000 km. The Chinese military uses three variants of this missile, DF-31, DF-31A and DF-31B. The missile weighing 42 tons is capable of carrying three to five nuclear warheads simultaneously. A solid fuel engine has been used in this missile, so that it can fly at a speed of 8 kilometers per second. The missile is mounted on a 16-wheeled truck.

DF-31 Missile 1

Malaysia seized 6 ships of China
Malaysia seized 6 Chinese ships in the South China Sea a day earlier on charges of illegally crossing the waters. 60 Chinese fishermen aboard these ships were also taken into custody by the Malaysian Navy. Malaysia’s Ministry of Defense had issued a statement confirming that its army has taken this action despite warning not to go beyond the maritime boundary.

Japan also chased two ships of Chinese Coastguard
Japan also drove out two Chinese ships approaching the disputed island with a warning. It is being told that these ships had entered the Japanese aquatic range for several hours. After which the Japanese Coastguard took action and forced these ships to go out. China and Japan have been in dispute for many years over Senkaku Island, located in eastern Japan Sea. In recent times, the movement of Chinese ships near the island has increased rapidly, after which Japan has also become cautious.


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