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US Rashtrapati Chunav 2020: Post Election Strife Anticipated After US Presidential Elections 2020


  • US presidential elections to be held next month
  • Donald Trump’s attitude before him
  • Questions are being raised on ballot-electoral process
  • There may be ruckus on the results after the election

US Presidential Elections 2020 is going to be held next month but before that, there is talk of an uproar after the election. From the voting process to the counting of votes, the sword of suspicion has started hanging on every aspect. It is believed that the election on November 3 (US Presidential Election Date) would be difficult if none of the Democratic candidates, Joe Biden and Republican Candidate Donald Trump, got an overwhelming majority. Will go.

Allegations of fraud in Ballot
President Trump has already talked about mistakes and fraud in ballot splitting, while experts say that there cannot be such a big mistake that affects the results of elections. At the same time, Trump on Monday tweeted that a postal worker in New Jersey was accused of dumping 1800 mails of which 99 were election ballots. Trump called it rigged. On Trump’s attitude, it is feared that if the results of the election did not go in his favor, he could be charged to any extent.

Trump tweeting

Trump tweeting

Trying to doubt the credibility of the election?
On the other hand, political activists are preparing to tackle every kind of legal challenge. Local media in California has reported that Republicans are sending illegal ballot boxes by writing ‘official’. However, Democrats dominate California. The results of the election will not be affected in such ways, but the question has been raised on the credibility of the election.

Trump not involved in debate, raising questions
Donald Trump has already refused to enter the virtual format of the second presidential debate. Now he has also started questioning the third debate. She has commented to Debate moderator Kristen Walker that she ‘mysteriously deleted her Twitter account’ and is trying to hide something. On the contrary, despite all the reliable surveys, he is claiming his victory and criticizing the media as fake.

Donald Trump returned from hospital unable to breathe, people gave this name


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