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Global times threatens India on Taiwan

China’s official horn Global Times has been badly infuriated by the Indian media coverage of Taiwan’s National Day. The Global Times has now threatened the Government of India against the Northeast militants in gestures. China’s official newspaper said that no country can allow another country to create misgivings about its sovereignty. The Global Times said that the Indian government was playing with fire.

Global Times quoted Chinese analyst Li Qingkang as saying, “How will the Indian government react if the Chinese media publically supports militancy in North East India or publishes content in support of pro-Indian separatist forces?” The response of the Indian government will not be much softer than China. Should such voices that incite the sovereignty of other countries be opposed? ‘

Qingkang said that some media organizations in India must be told that they do not have the freedom to challenge the policy of one China. India describes itself as a ‘great democracy’ and views China from the perspective of Western countries. As the competition between China-US is increasing, Washington has started playing Taiwan cards more and more. In India too, some people have started moving towards America and want to take advantage of it.

He said that the Indian government feels that it has gained the support of the US and Western countries. For this reason, India has started provocative action towards China and even tried to challenge China’s most decisive point. Although US support is unwavering, China’s response is definite. India are playing with fire and in the end only they will be disappointed.

Indeed, October 10 was Taiwan’s National Day. China considers Taiwan as its share and wants the whole world to accept it as its share. In a statement issued by the Chinese Embassy in India, the Indian media was advised to avoid Taiwan’s National Day celebrations on October 10. The special thing is that China, which calls for One China, has been calling Ladakh as a Union Territory as ‘illegal’, an insult to India’s territorial sovereignty.

A statement issued by the Foreign Ministry of China to the Indian media said, “Regarding the upcoming so-called National Day of Taiwan, the Chinese Embassy in India wants to remind its media friends that there is only one China in the world and the Peoples The Government of the Republic of China is the only government representing all of China. Taiwan is an integral part of the Chinese. ‘ The Chinese embassy further stated in the statement, ‘All countries with diplomatic relations with China should strongly respect their commitment to One-China policy. The Government of India has also had this same official stance for a long time.

The Chinese Embassy said, “We expect the Indian media to follow the Indian government’s stand on Taiwan and not violate the One-China policy.” Especially Taiwan will not be addressed to a ‘country (nation)’ or ‘Republic of China’ or the leader of the Taiwan region of China as’ President ‘so that the wrong message is not passed on to the common people.’ On this statement of China, the Government of India had said that media in India is free for the freedom of expression. On this statement of the Indian government, China has got angry and now it is threatening.


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