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The discovery of ancient life in Turkey

Archaeologists in Turkey have found a part of 5000 years old that would have been used as a ‘living area’ during ancient civilization. During the excavation, a section of store was found where the pottery and jugs made of ancient ceramic were kept. With this discovery, there are indications that life here was settled during the Bronze Age, not iron.

So there is important discovery
According to the Hurriyet Daily News, there are signs of ancient life on this site in Vaughan province, Turkey. According to the portal, the team of 15 people included anthropologists, archaeologists and art historians. He has found an early Bronze Age ‘living space’ during research at the Eyremir mound. The leader of this team, Errol Uslu, says that finding the remains of Urartian time is an important discovery.

He says that the finding of Bronze Age goods here suggests that there was life even before the Urartians. It is being told that there was a storage section in this area. The iremir mound is also considered special because it is from here that the rise of civilization is claimed.

Ancestor of Armenia
Urartu was the kingdom of Armenia’s Highland (today Anatolia region). It emerged during the Iron Age and civilization began to settle near Van Lake. The people of this region are called the East of the Armenians. Civilization in this region was believed to have originated in the state of Urartu but now the latest discovery indicates that there was life here even before that.


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