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Archaeologist shocked by finding jewel with girl's mummy

Archaeologists have been searching for ancient civilization in Egypt for a long time. Recently she got a mummy 3,600 years old. Along with this, a lot of jewelry has been found. With the help of text from Egypt and Spain, the 15-16 year old girl’s mummy was extracted. It is believed to have been in Egypt from the 17th century. She looks very rich with the jewels found together. This is the reason why archaeologists are shocked because the coffin in which it was buried seems to be quite ordinary. (Photo: Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, Egypt)

Thumb and necklace

It was a coffin made of wood. The girl wore two ringed earrings. The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism says that it will have a copper leaf on it. There is also a ring made of bone, a blue glass ring and four necklaces which are joined by a ceramic clip. These necklaces are 24-27.5 inches long and have different shades of blue pearls. The director of this discovery, Hoje Galen, says that despite being so old, all the clothes were properly preserved. (Photo: Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, Egypt)

The jewels have surprised

Hoje says that it is astonishing to be buried in such a coffin with so many jewels. They have expressed the possibility that they may be used for sports or dancing. Apart from this coffin, other coffins have also been found. One of these Mummy’s face has been seen with a Eye of Horus (Eye of Horus) on a tin plate. At that time tin was considered precious metal. Therefore such plates are not commonly seen. (Photo: Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, Egypt)

Balls and accessories found together

The girl’s coffin has other clay coffins, two cats mummies, leather sandals and two leather balls. The surprising thing is that the girl’s remains were not properly preserved. Because of this, researchers could not find out the reason for his death. The items found around her suggest that she must have been part of the wealthy family. However, his coffin and relics raise questions as to why these two were not taken care of. (Photo: Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, Egypt)


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