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China increasing nuclear submarine: China, Indo-US to build an army of nuclear submarines equipped with killer missiles will increase tension - China increasing nuclear submarine shipyard capacity indo us tension will increase


  • China has now put full force on nuclear power submarines to become the Blue Water Navy.
  • For this, China is expanding its only shipyard to make nuclear submarines.
  • The Chinese Navy’s nuclear submarine was still facing difficulties due to limited construction capacity

China has now exerted its full force on nuclear-powered submarines to become the Blue Water Navy. For this, China is expanding its only shipyard to make nuclear submarines. Historically, the Chinese Navy’s nuclear submarine was facing difficulties due to limited construction capacity, but now satellite images have revealed that the dragon is gearing up to increase it.

According to USNI News, satellite images have revealed that China is expanding its shipyard extensively. It is believed that after the completion of this expansion work, China will start building nuclear submarine on a large scale. Not only this, the time taken to build nuclear submarines of Chinese shipyards will also be reduced after this expansion. China will continue to be the subject of worldwide discussion in the construction of nuclear submarine in the next 10 years.

Number of nuclear submarines increased to 6 by 2030
According to The Office of Naval Intelligence, the number of China’s invading nuclear submarines will increase to 6 by 2030. At the same time, other analysts say that the number of these Chinese nuclear submarines may be more. Pictures from the satellite reveal that a new construction hall is being constructed at the Bohai Shipyard in Huludao. This is why China built a highly modern submarine in 2015.

The new hall will facilitate the construction of two submarines simultaneously. Recently some more buildings have been built here so that 4 submarines can be made under one roof simultaneously. On the other side of this site is another construction site which is still active. This means that China can build 4 to 5 submarines at once. Nuclear submarines include both ballistic missile submarines and attack submarines. China plans to equip them with deadly missiles.

China’s preparation increased tension between America and India

In view of this preparation of China, the tension of America and India has increased. US Defense Minister Mark Isper has said that under the Battle Force 2045 being built from China for the collision, we have to make three nuclear submarines of Virginia class as soon as possible every year. These huge and more powerful submarines are to be made in the number of 70 to 80. It is considered to be the most effective attacking weapon in the battle of superpowers in the future.

On the other hand, the Chinese Navy is now eyeing the Indian Ocean as well. China is building a naval port in Gwadar and one of its ports is already in Djibouti, Africa. The Chinese naval presence is now steadily increasing in the Indian Ocean. India’s tension has increased due to this threat from China. To deal with this crisis, India is now increasingly making nuclear submarine, while the US is also buying submarine-ending weapons.


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