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us russia tensions in arctic world: america vs russia: eye on arctic, norve opening nuclear base after 18 years - us vs russia war fear eye on arctic norway will open nuclear submarine base olavsvern

Arctic tensions are becoming the world’s coldest place between the world’s two superpowers, Russia and the United States. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has also been alerted by US and Norwegian steps. In fact, Norway has resumed the nuclear submarine base during the Cold War in the Arctic region. Norway was under pressure from the US to open this base to deal with Russia’s growing challenge in the Arctic region.

America’s 3 seawulf submarines to be deployed


America’s 3 Seawulf Submarines will be deployed at this Norwegian nuclear facility. Both America and Russia are now eyeing the Arctic region. The Norwegian government has announced that it is going to open the nuclear base Olavasvern in the northern part of the country amid growing tension in the US and Russia. This nuclear facility was closed for the last 18 years. This base has a 9800 ft deep water dock where nuclear submarine can be repaired and refitted. The opening of this base will make it easier for American submarines to operate.

This Norwegian destination is only 220 miles from the Russian border


Norwegian broadcaster NPK said that the agreement to hand over the army to the Olavasvern hideout under pressure from the US Navy could be ready by this week. The Olavasvern hideout will also be used to halt NATO submarines. This nuclear facility is being opened at a time when there is increasing concern about Russian activities in the region. This Norwegian destination is only 220 miles from the Russian border. In this way, it is a very favorable place for Western countries to surround Russia or respond aggressively to any aggressive action by Moscow.

British Navy warns on friendship between Russia and China

The Norwegian nuclear base will now be upgraded to deploy the USS Jimmy Carter, a submarine capable of carrying out a US nuclear strike. The opening of this base has been announced at a time when British naval officer Admiral Tony Radkin has warned that China and Russia may soon exploit the Arctic sea. He said that due to climate change, the always frozen routes are melting, which is opening new naval routes. With the opening of these routes, now Chinese and Russian ships will be able to reach Britain easily.


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