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Johnson & Johnson's Corona vaccine trials halted


  • Johnson & Johnson Company halts Corona Vaccine Trial
  • Trials stopped after a volunteer gets sick
  • It was the company’s effort to get involved in the trial.
  • One dose was enough to claim, Enrollment stopped

The third phase trial of the Corona virus vaccine of America’s famous Johnson & Johnson Company has to be stopped. It was decided to stop the trial after a volunteer involved in the trial noticed some ‘unknown disease’. The company was trying to include about 60,000 volunteers in the trial. Significantly, the company claims that only one dose of its vaccine can prove effective on the corona virus.

Trial halted after ‘unknown disease’
The company issued a statement informing, “We have currently stopped clinical trials of our COVID-19 vaccine candidate, including the third phase of the ENSEMBLE trial, after witnessing some undisclosed illness in one participant.” An independent patient safety committee has been formed to investigate this obstruction. Along with this, online enrollment has also been stopped to include 60 thousand people in the company study.

The company says that serious adverse events (SAE) are expected in any, especially large clinical study. Due to his guidelines, the trial has been stopped. Trials of this vaccine are being conducted in South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru in addition to the US.

Why is this vaccine special
Experts say that even if the company’s vaccine lags behind other candidates, it can have other benefits. The biggest advantage is that there is no need to store it in subzero temperature. Immunity can develop by giving not one, but only one dose. This vaccine carries the gene of the corona virus’s spike protein in adenovirus to the human body.

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