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Asian countries News: China continues to persecute Muslims for Haj, 42 new rules issued - China announces new rules for muslims going to saudi arabia for hajj

China has announced strict rules and regulations for its Muslim citizens to go on Haj pilgrimage. Chinese citizens will now be able to go to Saudi Arabia for Haj only through the Chinese Islamic Association. At the same time, citizens must also protest against religious extremism by following strict Chinese laws. Every year around 10,000 Muslims from China go for Haj pilgrimage.

The rules will be applicable from 1 December
According to the Chinese government media Global Times, no other organization or individual should conduct the Hajj pilgrimage and Chinese citizens applying for Hajj should meet the basic requirements. These new rules will come into effect from December 1. According to the report, the concerned government departments have been requested to fulfill their responsibilities and stop illegal activities related to Hajj.

What are the challenges before Chinese Muslims
Earlier Chinese citizens used to go for Haj by Saudi Arabia by many other means. Now according to the new law, only through the Chinese Islamic Association will Chinese Muslims be able to go on Haj pilgrimage. Most members of this association are members of the Chinese Communist Party. In such a situation, he will allow anyone who wants to go on Haj pilgrimage. The government will have a complete eye on Chinese citizens by going on Haj through this association. She can be accused of ever breaking the law by tracking their activities.

Eight million Muslims imprisoned in detention camp of China, intelligence documents revealed

20 million Muslims in China
According to the official white paper, there are about two crore Muslims in China, of which the population of Uygar and Hui Muslims is almost equal. These Muslims live in Xinjiang province of western China. The Chinese government is already running hundreds of detention camps in the name of curbing religious extremism.

Now the havoc of Henan province has been banned by the Chinese, Hijab and Arabic clothes

China has imprisoned 80 lakh Muslims
As reported by The Sun, the Chinese Communist Party is largely running the Detention Center for Uygur and other communities in Xinjiang. In these camps, China works to suppress political dissent. Apart from this, the work of harassing Uygur Muslims is also being done. The Chinese government is naming it a vocational training center.

Why did China feel afraid of the Taliban? Friend will ask Pakistan for help!

What is the trend of Muslim countries including Pakistan
No Muslim country has so far openly opposed China over the atrocities on Uygur Muslims. Not a word has emerged from the mouths of Muslims around the world, from the mouths of Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Pakistan to the Uygurs. All these countries do not want to fall prey to China’s enmity. However, their attitude towards Muslims in any other part of the earth remains very strict.


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