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america news: US armed with Taiwan against China, approves new arms deal - US approves 7 billion dollars arms deal with taiwan as china ratchets up military threat

The US administration has approved the Taiwan Arms Deal. This defense deal worth about 513 billion rupees has also got the green signal from the US Congress. Through this, the US will provide various types of advanced missiles and sensors to Taiwan. It is being told that this is the second largest arms deal between the US and Taiwan. Earlier, in 2019 Taiwan signed a deal of 587 billion rupees with the US in view of the increasing threat from China.

Notifications regarding the arms deal continue
The US State Department has also issued a notification regarding this deal. Under which, Taiwan will be given advance sensors for F-16 fighter jets, supersonic low altitude missiles and hammers rockets to destroy enemy warships at sea. Last year itself, the US had signed a deal to deliver 66 F-16 fighter jets to Taiwan.

Tension with China and possibility of escalation
In the year 2020, the Donald Trump administration is taking a very aggressive stand on Taiwan and the sale of these weapons will take its relationship with China to a very low level. That too when both the countries have made many allegations about spying on each other, trade war and corona virus. Taipei has increased arms purchases after President Tsei Ingwen returned to power in Taiwan in January this year.

US seeks to make Taiwan an impregnable ‘fort’
President Wen has given top priority to further strengthen Taiwan’s security. Taiwan is China’s most sensitive regional issue. China says it is a Chinese province and condemns the Trump administration’s cooperation with Taipei. On the other hand, in view of China’s increasing aggression in the South China Sea, the US has started building a Taiwan fort so that the dragon can be challenged.

Taiwan’s declaration against China, said – will fight for the country’s security till the last breath

Taiwan wants to buy weapons before US elections
Taiwan is afraid that if Trump is defeated, Biden will rarely give such a lethal weapon to Taipei. That is why Taiwan wants to supply these weapons as soon as possible. China is constantly conducting exercises near Taiwan Strait, which further increases the fear of Taiwan. A US official said Taiwan is spending a lot on defense but needs to be self-sufficient.

Fear of Chinese army attack, America giving these 7 deadly weapons to Taiwan

Taiwan has the most missiles by area
According to the report of South China Morning Post, Taiwan has so many missiles which is the highest worldwide by area. However, Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense has not released the total number of these missiles till date. According to Taipei’s China Times newspaper, Taiwan has a total of more than 6000 missiles. Explain that missiles cost millions and crores, so the armies of most countries use traditional bombs more.

American and Taiwanese missiles stocked
In addition to US-made missiles, Taiwan’s indigenous missiles are also included. Including air-to-air, air-to-surface and surface-to-air missiles. The missile that Taiwan possesses is such a weapon that the Chinese military fears and has not been able to execute the attack plan till date. Because, from the President of China to the General of the Chinese Army, he has been continuously threatening to attack Taiwan.


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