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Asian countries News: dictator Kim Jong Un's second deadly missile can kill the world, up to 1900 km - kim jong un second deadly missile pukguksong-4 slbm range up to 1900 km

On October 10, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un showed not one, but two deadly missiles to the world. The world saw the glimpse of the intercontinental ballistic missile Hawasang 15, but later learned about North Korea’s submarine launched ballistic missile Pukguksong-4 (Pukguksong-4). Actually, Kim Jong Un kept his country’s military parade secret. North Korea has informed the world in limited numbers. Even diplomats from other countries present in Pyongyang were not called.

Not one, two missiles were displayed
It has now been revealed that the Pukguksong-4 missile that could be launched from a North Korean submarine was also displayed. A picture of this has also been released by the media there. North Korea has not given any official information about the feature of this missile. Nevertheless, defense experts have speculated that this missile could also be as powerful as Pukgooksong-3.

Missile to be launched from submarine
This missile is shorter in length but longer in width. Most missiles launched from submarines have a similar design. Experts said that the motor of this missile also looks modern. If the North Korean army has not tampered with this photo, then many powerful missiles can be launched from such solid fuel motors. Allowing them to attack with more payloads.

Pukguksong-4 1

Range can be more than 1900 km
According to the report, this new submarine launched ballistic missile (SLBM) of North Korea can have a range of more than 1900 kilometers. Which can easily target American naval base Guam in South Korea, Japan and the Pacific Ocean. However, the existing submarines near North Korea are based on old Soviet technology. In such a situation, she cannot carry a large number of missiles.

Announced to make it in 2019 itself
North Korea had announced the making of this missile in 2019 itself. But, since then it was a secret. This is the first time Kim Jong Un has displayed these weapons in public. It is believed that behind this, an attempt has been made to give a message directly to America. North Korea will be the biggest problem for whoever becomes president after the upcoming elections in America.

Pukguksong-4 3

Hwasong-15 also showed the world
North Korea unveiled the world-renowned nuclear missile Hwasong-15 on a 22-wheeled vehicle armed with nuclear weapons. Experts warn that this missile is capable of striking in any corner of the US. North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un showed the missile in his military parade recently. Experts said that this missile is one of the longest missiles in the world.

Why did North Korea organize a military parade
Kim Jong Un organized the parade to commemorate the Korean Workers Party’s 75th Foundation Day on 10 October. A wide range of tanks, armored vehicles, rocket launchers and ballistic missiles were introduced during the military parade on Kim Il Sang Square in Pyongyang. This was probably the first military parade held in North Korea in the night.


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