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japan north korean missiles: threat from north korean missiles, japan will prepare anti missile system - north korean missiles threat japan will prepare anti missile system

In view of the potential threat to North Korea’s weapons system, Japan on Monday resolved to strengthen its anti-missile capability. The country has described this threat as ‘more diversified and complex’. During a parade held in Pyongyang, North Korea, on Saturday to mark the 75th anniversary of the ruling party, several weapons systems were displayed, including two missiles that were shown to foreign audiences for the first time.

A missile is an intercontinental ballistic missile. It is much larger than North Korea’s existing intercontinental ballistic missiles, while the other appears to be an improved version of a missile that can be dropped from submarines. “In order to respond to the diversified and complex threat, we will work strongly to strengthen our comprehensive missile deterrence,” Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Katasunobu Kaito said at a regular press conference on Monday.

He said that we understand that it will be difficult for us to stop some of those missiles from our conventional equipment. Kaito has refused to give details of Japan’s analysis of the missile displayed by North Korea. He just said that Japan will continue to cooperate with the US and other related countries to protect its people. Significantly, during the nearly eight-year tenure of the flamboyant former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Japan has expanded its military international role as part of the Japan-American alliance between North Korea and China’s growing threat.


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