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imran khan accepted asim bajwa resignation: pakistan: imran khan afraid of nawaz sharif, accepted confessional general's resignation

Even Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan wanted to save his beloved General (Reiter) Aseem Salim Bajwa, who was steeped in corruption worth billions of rupees, and he had to accept the resignation after increasing pressure from the opposition. Bajwa had recently resigned as the advisor to the PM after the revelations of corruption. Bajwa has been accused of creating wealth of billions of rupees while holding the office of the spokesperson of the Pakistan Army and the President of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

Aseem Bajwa, a close aide of the Pakistan Army chief, is yet to resign as chairman of the nearly $ 60 billion CPEC project. General Bajwa is accused of producing 99 companies in four countries and 133 of Papa John Pizza’s restaurants. General Bajwa tweeted and said, ‘I requested the Prime Minister to free me from my advisory position. He is very kind and has accepted it.

Former Pak general’s property disclosed, now journalist getting murder threats

Resigned from his post after revelations of corruption
Bajwa resigned from his post a month after the revelations of corruption, but Imran Khan was constantly trying to protect him. General Bajwa’s issue was made an issue by the Leader of the Opposition and former Nawaz Sharif. Under pressure from Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan is believed to have accepted the resignation of General Aseem Bajwa at the behest of Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa.

Bajwa had earlier tried to threaten a Pakistani journalist who exposed this corruption, but eventually he had to resign after all-round pressure. Bajwa had issued a statement dismissing the allegations against him. Bajwa said, ‘I hope the Prime Minister will allow me to focus my full attention on CPEC.’

Threatened to kill a journalist who disclosed property

Earlier, a journalist who disclosed the wealth of billions of Aseem Salim Bajwa was being threatened with death. Ahmed Noorani, a Pakistani journalist who exposed this corruption, had tweeted recently that in the last few hours, I have received more than 100 messages threatening to kill me and my family. Please tell that it was Ahmed Noorani who disclosed the property of Pakistani General Aseem Bajwa on Pakistan’s famous website Fact Focus.


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