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north korea new missile us: North Korea's monster missile may destroy US more power than Russia - north korea monster new missile hwasong 15 can destroy us more powerful than russia


  • Speculation about giant missile aboard North Korea’s 22-wheeler market heated up
  • Now experts have warned that this missile is capable of attacking any corner of America.
  • North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un showed this missile in his military parade recently.

The worldwide speculation about the nuclear missile Hwasong-15 aboard North Korea’s 22-wheeled vehicle armed with nuclear weapons is hot. Now experts have warned that this missile is capable of attacking in any corner of the US. North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un showed the missile in his military parade recently. Experts said that this missile is one of the longest missiles in the world.

Kim Jong Un has demonstrated this massive killer missile at a time when US President Donald Trump has tried to convince him to give up his nuclear weapons program for many years. Melissa Hanham, deputy director of Open Nuclear Network, said, “This missile is like a monster.” Officials of the US administration said the missile’s performance was disappointing and called on the government to negotiate for the complete elimination of nuclear weapons.

More powerful than missiles of Soviet Union
Nuclear weapons non-proliferation expert Michael Ileman believes that North Korea’s new missiles from 2000 to 3500 kg of warhead can fall in any area of ​​the US. In this way, Kim Jong Un’s new missile is more powerful than the Soviet Union’s missiles and can cause havoc anywhere in the US. Markus Garlauskas, a US intelligence officer, said the missile had dispelled all doubts about whether North Korea could attack the US.

Earlier, Kim Jong warned during his speech that North Korea would fully activate its nuclear power if a country threatened it. Indeed, the dictator of North Korea during his military parade has shown the world one of his most devastating weapons. During this time not only the elite commando force of North Korea paraded but also the main battle tank that looked like Russian Armata caught everyone’s attention.

Detecting them is also very difficult to eliminate
The missile-crazy dictator Kim Jong’s army demonstrated the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM). The ICBM on the transporter-erector-launcher was moved from Kim Il Sung Square in front of dictator Kim Jong Un. Experts believe that the new weapon has multiple reentry vehicle capability with the help of which it can defy America’s defense systems. So far, North Korea has only liquid fuel-based missiles that take time to prepare and cannot be left in a ready-to-launch state. While solid fuel missiles can be refueled, they can also be launched quickly. Detecting them is also difficult to eliminate.


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