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Pakistan air force chief rafale jet: India may attack from Rafale soon, nervous Pakistan air force chief warns -


  • Pakistan’s Air Force Chief warns that India is plotting to attack Pakistan
  • He said that within the next few months, Rafael Jet can attack India on Pakistan
  • Pakistan Air Force Chief Claims India Plans For Aggressive Military Action

Pakistan’s Air Force Chief has warned that India is plotting to attack the country with its new Rafale fighter jet from France within the next few months. Pakistani Air Force Chief Mujahid Anwar Khan claimed that India was planning an aggressive military action to escalate the confrontation. He said that Indian fighter jets would come within a radius of 5 kilometers to demonstrate their dominance in the air.

Marshall Khan made this claim at an event in Pakistan. He also claimed that India wants to escalate the conflict by going beyond Kashmir and the international border. He said, “I estimate that India can take aggressive action within 18 to 24 months because at that time it will acquire a sufficient number of Meteor missile-equipped fighter jets from France.”

Rafale vs F-16: Rafael Fighter Jet vs Pakistan F-16, know who is the best

He said, ‘Only that time India will come within a radius of 5 km and will simultaneously attack many targets to show its kingship in the air. My guess is that India wants to push the conflict out of Kashmir. ‘ Marshall Khan’s statement came at a time when Rafael Fighter Jet had joined the Indian Air Force some time ago.

Ideal aircraft for flying in hilly areas
Recently, Rafael was formally inducted into the IAF at the Induction Ceremony at Ambala Air Force Station. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and 17 Squadron ‘Golden Arrows’ pilots showed jauhar in front of French Defense Minister Florence Parle. On seeing the Rafale fighter jets maneuvering easily over the skies of Ambala, the beating of China and Pakistan has intensified. The increase in the strength of the Indian Air Force due to the arrival of Rafale has caused sleep to both the neighboring countries.

Rafael has been modified to suit India’s needs. Rafale has a range of 3,700 km, it can carry four missiles with it. Rafale has a length of 15.30 meters and a height of 5.30 meters. Rafale’s wingspan is only 10.90 meters, making it an ideal aircraft for flying in hilly areas. The aircraft is small because of its ease of maneuvering.

Two F-16s needed to stop a Rafale jet
Not only this, the Pakistani Air Force will now have to deploy two of its F-16 fighter jets to intercept a Rafale fighter jet. The situation so far is that India has to deploy two Sukhoi-30 MKI aircraft to intercept an F-16. Former Indian Airforce Chief AY Tipnis believes that if the Airforce had Rafael during the Balakot attack in February, India would have killed at least 12 F-16 aircraft from Pakistan. Not only this, India does not have to enter Pakistani airspace to do air strikes in Balakot.


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