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pakistan in enhanced follow up list: big blow to imran khan on terrorist funding, FATF unit looting pakistan

The Pakistani dream of escaping the gray list of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) with the help of its mentor China has suffered a major setback. The Asia Pacific Group (Asia Pacific Group, APG), the regional arm of the FATF, has retained Pakistan in ‘Enhanced Follow-Up’ for failing to curb terror funding and money laundering. This move of APG has ensured that Pakistan remains in the gray list of FATF. Not only this, but now there is a danger of blacklisting.

According to Dawn’s report, the APG found that Pakistan had made little progress in implementing technical suggestions from the FATF to end terror funding and money laundering. The first follow up report of Pakistan’s assessment has been released by APG. It says that Pakistan has made progress on only two of the 40 recommendations made by the FATF.

There was no change in the completion of Pakistan’s recommendations.

This 12-page report says that there has been no change in one year in the fulfillment of Pakistan’s recommendations. In view of this, APG has announced that Pakistan will remain in the ‘Enhanced Follow-Up’ list. At the same time, Pakistan has to report the efforts made towards implementing 40 suggestions. The report said that Pakistan has made some progress towards implementing some suggestions.

The APG report comes at a time when the FATF’s virtual review meeting is scheduled to take place between October 21 and October 23. Experts say that after this latest report, Pakistan is now guaranteed to remain in the gray list and there is a danger of blacklisting it. Earlier, in the midst of the Corona catastrophe, Pakistan had made a big move to remove itself from the gray list of the FATF. Pakistan has removed the names of thousands of terrorists from the surveillance list in the last 18 months.

According to the report of American newspaper Wall Street General, Pakistan’s National Counter Terrorism Authority looks at this list. It aims to help financial institutions not do business with such people. This list had a total of 7600 names in the year 2018 but in the last 18 months its number has been reduced to 3800. Not only this, since the beginning of the month of March this year, 1800 names have been removed from the list. The FATF has given Pakistan time till June to take action at 27 points. If Pakistan fails to complete 27 points then the FATF can blacklist it.

Let jash-lashkar to operate
The country’s State Department’s ‘Country Reports on Terrorism’ has given a detailed account of Pakistan’s role in the year 2019. It said that organizations like Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed targeting India were allowed to operate from their land by Pakistan. Pakistan has not taken action against any terrorist like Jaish founder and Masood Azhar, who has been declared a terrorist by the United Nations and Sajid Mir, the ‘project manager’ of the 2008 Mumbai blasts. The two are reportedly roaming free in Pakistan.


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