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coronavirus survives 28 days on glass: claims in Australian research, bank note, mobile screen, corona virus stays alive for 28 days on the ground - australian researchers find novel coronavirus survives 28 days on mobile phone screens and banknotes


  • At 20 degrees, the corona remains alive for 28 days on banknotes, glass and steel
  • Australian researchers say corona stays alive more than flu virus
  • He advised people that washing hands is very important to avoid corona

Researchers in Australia have claimed that at 20 ° C temperature, the corona virus survives on banknotes, glasses and steel for 28 days. Researchers said that the corona virus remains alive longer than the flu virus. He advised the people that washing hands and cleaning the houses is very important to avoid the corona virus.

In this latest research published in the Journal of Virology, researchers at Australia’s National Cind Agency CSIRO said that at 20 ° C temperature, the SARS-COV-2 virus remains infectious for 28 days on plastic banknotes and mobile phone screens for 28 days. In comparison, Influenza A virus remains alive on the surface for 17 days.

Corona virus less likely to survive if temperature rises

This research was carried out at 20, 30 and 40 ° C. It also found that as the temperature increases, the probability of the corona virus surviving decreases. CSIRO CEO Larry Marshall said in a statement, “Detection of how long the corona virus remains alive on the surface will now help us to accurately predict its survival, prevent its spread and protect civilians”.

Researchers report that protein and fat inside the body increase the virus’s ability to survive. Trevor Dreev, scientist at the Center for Disease, Australia, said, “This research will help to understand the cause of corona virus survival and spread in a persistent cold environment.” Also, it will help us understand how to deal with Corona virus in a good way. ‘

Only 27 thousand cases occurred in Australia, 898 people died
Let us know that Australia has dealt with the corona virus very well compared to other prosperity countries. In the country’s population of 25 million, only 27 thousand cases have come and 898 people have died. The largest number of corona cases in Australia have come from the state of Victoria. On Monday, 15 new cases were reported there. Corona cases have also been reported in several other states.


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