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covid 19 virus first images: pictures of corona virus first exposed to the world, vaccine will now be searched - chinese scientists create first images of covid 19 virus will help to find a vaccine

The search for vaccine to end the corona virus epidemic is very good news for the world. Chinese scientists have made pictures of this killer virus for the first time in the world. There have been many major revelations about the corona virus from these pictures. Pictures show that the corona virus is spiked. Not only this, the interactions with its human cells have also been revealed by the photographs. With the introduction of the corona virus, scientists are now getting a big help in making vaccines to end this epidemic.

Hope for treatment of corona epidemic

After the corona virus was revealed, scientists now hope that corona vaccine and treatment can be discovered. Biologist doctor Sai Li at Tsigua University in China is working closely with virus experts in a biosafety lab in Hangzhou. These experts are preparing the corona virus inside the lab. These experts injected the virus into the chemical so that it would not be harmed. He then sent the virus-laden fluid to Lee.

Corona virus inside the microscope

Lee and his team dumped the virus-filled fluid inside a drop. After this, he was suddenly frozen. Lee and his team later saw him with a cryo-electronic microscope. “I saw a screen that was completely loaded with the corona virus,” Lee said in a conversation with New York Times. It was less than a millionth of an inch in view. He said, “I understand that I am the first person in the world to have seen the virus so closely.” These images of Lee have now revealed to scientists how some proteins of the virus get entrapped in human cells.

Find out how Corona wreaks havoc

These images have also shown scientists how contaminated genes capture human biochemistry. Researchers have found that some viral proteins wreak havoc on our cellular (organism cell) factory and other viral proteins prepare nurseries to produce new viruses. Some researchers are using supercomputers to create fully virtual viruses. Researchers hope that they will be able to know how fast the real virus spreads.


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