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Intelligence tunnel in Wuhan, China made for war

China has built tunnels under the ground in Wuhan. Their purpose was to use them as the headquarters of the army in the event of nuclear war. Indeed, relations between China and the Soviet Union deteriorated during the Cold War. Even it seemed that nuclear weapons would also be fired. Seeing the danger, Communist leader Mao Zedong announced to create an underground facility to save the country’s population and army stronghold.

One of the most important places in it was Beijing’s underground city called Project 131. These tunnels have reached 456 meters in Hubei province, 50 miles from Wuhan. It was decided to make it on 31 January 1969. However, these were never completed and today they are being used as a tourist destination.

Many types of rooms
General Huang Yongsheng, the Chief of Staff of the People’s Liberation Army’s General Staff Department, was given the responsibility and started work. There are also meeting rooms in these tunnels, offices and communication centers for top commanders were also built below the hilly area. Even Mao and his seconds in command were made up to the villa for Lin Biao.

Project not completed
However, everything collapsed only two years later. Lin was accused of planning to overthrow Mao, and General Yong Sheng was also arrested along with him. Later Lin died in a plane crash and Yongsheng died in prison. With this, the project was also closed. This underground facility was also never completed.

Transformed into a tourist destination today
After lying vacant for nearly a decade, it was converted into a tourist destination. Today common people can also see these tunnels. However, some parts are still not allowed to go. Above the ground there is a hotel, conference facility, a museum of Mao times and a garden. However, they are still considered military projects and people outside China are not allowed to go here.
(Source: express.co.uk)


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