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Detention center in Xinjiang, China


  • The real face of China seen in Xinjiang
  • Satellite photo of 3 Km long detention center
  • People of Islam-Uygar community are imprisoned here
  • Imprisoned for ‘crimes’ related to religion and culture

Many countries and organizations in the world have accused China of the situation of Muslims in the country. There have also been allegations against the country’s Communist Party government of violating human rights and waging a campaign to end the culture of Muslims. Nathan Rudger, now associated with the International Cyber ​​Center of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, shared a satellite picture claiming that a 3-km detention center has been found in Xinjiang.

Arrested for religion related offenses
While sharing the picture, Ruzer claimed that the center is so large that three Disneylands can come here. He says that most people imprisoned here have been arrested for ‘crimes’ related to religion and culture. It consists of people from the Islamic and Uygar communities. Rudger says that in November last year, the center was expanded by a kilometer.

16 thousand mosques demolished
Earlier, Ruzar claimed in a report in the Xinjiang Data Project by James Leibold, Kelsey Munro and Tila Hoja that 16,000 mosques in Xinjiang province were either completely demolished or their domes dropped or damaged in some way. Given. 1 thousand sites of cultural importance were sighted in Xinjiang and it was found that a large number of them were missing buildings.

‘Cultural massacre’
The report said that in the action taken in 2017, not only more than 1 million Uigars were detained but their culture and identity was attacked. It has been named a cultural massacre under which the religious places and non-Han public places of Uygar Muslims were wiped out. According to Nathan, an academician in Uyghur has said that the campaign to eradicate culture is a deliberate attempt to separate people from their history.

Life as hell in China, painful story of millions of Uygar Muslims

Detention Center in Xinjiang

Detention Center in Xinjiang


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