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Armenia accused of bringing Azerbaijan into Syria's terrorist war


  • The war resumed in Azerbaijan-Armenia
  • Both accused each other of assault
  • Armenia released the video and charged
  • Azerbaijan using Syrian terrorists

Baku / Yervan
Just a few days ago, Russia mediated to prevent war between Armenia and Azerbaijan. After this, a ceasefire was also agreed. However, a day later, Azerbaijan has accused Armenia that its villages have been fired missiles. Armenia, on the other hand, has released a video claiming that terrorists have been called from Syria to attack it.

Terrorists in the uniform of Azerbaijan soldiers
A few days ago there were reports that thousands of terrorists are being sent to Nagorno-Karabakh from Syria and Libya affected by civil war.
The Armenian Unified Infocenter of the Government of Armenia has released the video. It states that terrorists are being sent in the uniform of Border Guards of Azerbaijan. They are coming from Azerbaijan trains and pick-up trucks. It has been claimed that these pick-up trucks were taken from the government of Azerbaijan from the citizens.

Thousands of dreaded terrorists from Turkey and Pakistan Syria sending war to Armenia

Terrorists coming from Pakistan-Turkey
Earlier reports had claimed that Pakistan and Turkey had paid a lot of money for the war to these terrorists called ‘Killing Machines’. These terrorists reached Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, via Turkey on 22 September and thereafter. The number of these heavily armed terrorists is said to be around 1 thousand. All these are being reported from Al Hamza Brigade. Most of the terrorists have come from Syria. However, some people have also been sent from Libya.

Armenia-Azerbaijan again sparked war, rainbows, missiles fell
Both countries were ready for a ceasefire
At the same time, Russian foreign Sergei Lavrov reported that a ceasefire has been declared with the human purpose of interchange of prisoners and other captured persons, as well as the exchange of bodies of soldiers. The ceasefire was announced after tripartite talks between Lavrov, Azerbaijan and Armenian Foreign Ministers Jehun Beramov and Zohrab Menatskanyan for more than 10 hours on the solution to end the fighting in the region in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Video: Armenia rains bombs, Azerbaijan soldiers run away

Armenia released video

Armenia released video


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