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Azerbaijan fight again in Armenia

Armenia-Azerbaijan were to have a ceasefire from Saturday after Russian President Vladimir Putin mediated. However, on Sunday itself, Azerbaijan has alleged that Armenia attacked its big cities last night. Let us tell you that there has been a struggle for many weeks on the border between the two countries, Nagorno-Karbakh region.

Claims 9 deaths
Azerbaijan officials said missiles were fired by Armenian security forces targeting the country’s second largest city of Ganja, killing nine people and injuring more than 30 people. Also a residential building was damaged. According to the Office of the Attorney General of Azerbaijan, the city of Mingashevir was also hit by a missile attack in the early hours of Sunday.

Effect of pressure from Vladimir Putin, Armenia-Azerbaijan agreed to ceasefire

‘Ceasefire observance’
On the other hand, the military authorities of Nagorno-Karbakh denied the attack on Ganja city on Sunday, saying that the army of the region was following the ceasefire. He alleged that the Azerbaijan army fired on the region’s capital, Stepnacart and other areas.

The conversation was over 10 hours
Earlier Russian foreign Sergei Lavrov reported that a ceasefire has been declared with the human purpose of interchange of prisoners and other captured persons, as well as the exchange of bodies of soldiers. The ceasefire was announced after trilateral talks between Lavrov, Azerbaijan and Armenian Foreign Ministers Jehun Beramov and Zohrab Menatskanyan for more than 10 hours to resolve a settlement to end the fighting in the region in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Video: Azerbaijan is promoting ‘target killing’ in the war, targeting Armenian soldiers

Azerbaijan-Armenia Jung

Azerbaijan-Armenia Jung


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