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Mysterious chamber to be discovered in Egyptian pyramids using Japanese technology

The Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt may once again be the center of a major discovery. Experts claim that a mysterious ‘inner chamber’ exists here. Around 4500 years old, the Pyramid is the largest and oldest of the three oldest buildings in the Giza Plateau. It is believed that it was built by Pharaoh Khufu in 20 years.

Got ‘Big Void’ two years ago
Under the ScanPyramids project, it is being studied using such technologies that do not damage the building. From this, it is being ascertained how this building was built and what technology was used to construct it. After nearly two years of work, French experts announced that they would get the ‘Big Void’. This space 30 meters above the Grand Gallery was previously considered empty. After this announcement, the researchers of Japan have now made a plan that with the help of cosmic rays it will be seen what is at this place.

Work will be completed soon
Regarding this proposal, lead researcher Sakuji Yoshimura said, ‘The previously discovered place is much bigger in terms of archeology. We want to verify that discovery. ‘ Kyushu University’s team announced it in January, but the corona epidemic caused a break in the work. It has not been told yet what the team got in the study till March. However, since July, Egypt has resumed international flights and has also opened tourist destinations. With this archeological work has also started. It is believed that the team will now complete its work soon.

Search inside the pyramid (file photo)

Search inside the pyramid (file photo)

Use of new technology
Tadahiro Kin, Associate Professor of Radiation Metrology at Kyosho University and other researchers say that he is using a technique called muon radiography that is similar to X-ray. Muons are subatomic particles that arise when the protons and the second cosmic ridge collide with the atomosphere (atmosphere). Muons can pass through 600 m thick rocks.

This will be searched
The number of Muons passing through it varies according to the density of the rock. This will tell about the width of the stones inside the pyramid. With the help of the new detector, the lower part of this huge structure will be located inside the Queen’s Chamber for a month. The data from this will be combined with the data from the drone survey.


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