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Briton News: Rally in Britain for support of farmers of Punjab, police fined - rally in britain for support of farmers of punjab against farm bills 2020, police fined british sikh

The local administration has fined the British Sikhs for organizing a car rally in Southall in support of Punjab’s farmers. The administration said the rally violated the Corona virus restrictions. At the same time, due to the rally, there was a situation of jam, which caused trouble to the common people. British Sikh Deepa Singh took out a rally in Southall on cars, tractors, tempo and motorbikes to show solidarity with the farmers of India opposing the new agricultural laws.

Organizers will go to court against the fine
Deepa Singh said that the fine would obviously be sent to me within 28 days. My lawyers will fight against it. The police initially came to me and warned me that I was violating the coronovirus law because it was not political and it was a large gathering. It moved forward nonetheless. Then in an hour they came to me and asked me to get out of the car and fined. Police are saying that it is not political, but farmers across India are demonstrating and committing hundreds of suicides. How is it not political?

Example given of Khalistan
Organizer Deepa Singh gave the example of ‘Khalistan’. How can I not be political when I talk about 1984 and Khalistan? Being a Sikh makes you political. He said protests erupted for Black Lives Matters and he was not fined £ 10,000. All Pakistanis celebrated Eid in the streets of Southall and were not even fined. They are seen targeting Sikhs.

Opposed the farmers bill
Deepa said that I stand with the Anandpur Sahib resolution. Farmers are protesting for not getting fair price. It has given courage and strength to our brothers and sisters in Punjab. Shamsher Singh of the National Sikh Youth Federation said that the rally was organized to show solidarity with the farmers and laborers of our Sikh motherland, where farmers are protesting against the discriminatory new laws that control markets and land to the corporation Give.

The Metropolitan Police stated the reason
A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said a man has been fined £ 10,000 for breaking the Health Protection Relations 2020 in connection with a protest in Southall on 4 October. The spokesman said protests were not being allowed under the Coronovirus Act. Organizers should conduct a complete risk assessment and take all steps to limit the transmission of the virus. They should ensure that it is followed.


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