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Asian countries News: China did not occupy Nepal's land?  Opposition leader exposes Oli government's claim with evidence - China has encroached nepal territory in humla, evidence shows truth, says nepali congress leader jivan bahadur shahi

The Oli government is repeatedly denying the Chinese intrusion into Humla area of ​​Nepal. At the same time, the leader of the main opposition Nepali Congress and former Union Minister Jeevan Bahadur Shahi has claimed that he has found strong evidence of Chinese encroachment. He has also prepared a detailed report after visiting the border area. Which will be referred to the party’s Central Committee in Kathmandu. The opposition parties are planning to use the voice of opposition against the Chinese incursion into Nepal against the Oli government.

Preparations for cross-border fight against Oli
Jeevan Bahadur Shahi while talking to Nepali website KhabarHub said that Humla is my home district. I keep detailed information about encroachment on land here. We had informed the government that China had encroached on the land of Nepal and even started building our borderline crossing structures on Pilar 12. However, the government has denied this.

Government does not know why it is rejecting the intrusion
He said that we had constructed our road a few kilometers ahead where China has built these structures (buildings). Some government officials also visited the region and prepared a report of China’s incursion. I am still not sure why the government is not ready to accept the intrusion of China.

China violating international law
The Nepali Congress leader said that the basic principle of the Border Pillars is that whenever a new pillar is to be established, it should first be organized in coordination with the officials of both sides. China has violated this principle. Pillar number 12 has been recently established by China without informing Nepalese authorities.

China stopped food supplies
When asked what he saw on his tour, he said that the people here are living their lives in great difficulty. China has stopped trucks laden with food supplies for the people of Humla, speaking openly about the encroachment. According to international transit law, no government can close the transit route to food.

Oli’s friend China occupies Nepali land, 9 buildings built in Humla

China is blocking the mobile signal
He said that the telephone tower which I tried to install in this area is now being obstructed by China. Locals are being forced to use Chinese signals and Chinese towers. Jung Pilar 12 has recently been manufactured by China. Government officials say they have not been consulted on such issues.

Oli government comes under pressure from China, denies dragon possession on Nepali land

Sufficient proof of Chinese occupation
He said that our people have moved away from this area due to Chinese security forces. Whereas, earlier they used to visit this area for farming and animal husbandry. There is enough evidence to suggest that China has encroached on Nepal. I have brought evidence of encroachment. I can also give you proof if needed.

Oli government under pressure from China! Nepali denies possession of dragon on land


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