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Rest of Europe News: Romania gives China a big blow, cancellation of Dragon's deal, signed nuclear deal with US - romania signs nuclear deal with us after cancel agreement with china company

China has had to face the whole world confusing India in Ladakh. Now the European country Romania has signed a nuclear deal with the US, canceling the deal with China. Not only this, the Romanian government also said that every Chinese company operating under the Chinese Communist Party is a potential threat to the whole world.

Romania broke agreement with China
Romania’s Ministry of Economy agreed cooperation and financing agreements with the US on 9 October. The agreement includes the construction of two nuclear reactors at the plant along the Danube River and renovation of one of its existing units. The Romanian government canceled the deal with China in early 2020.

Now America will build reactor in Romania
The us The Department of Energy said in its statement that Secretary Dan Broillet and Romania’s Minister of Economy and Energy Virgil Popescu have finalized the draft civil nuclear power program. This draft is done under the Government to Government Deal. The move comes after the dismantling of state-owned energy company Nuclearelectrica.

Chinese companies are a threat to the world
This company had entered into a 5-year agreement with China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN). Through this, the Chinese company was to build two new 700-megawatt reactors at the nuclear plant in Cernavoda, Romania. At the event signing the agreement with the US, Romania’s Adrian Zuckerman said Chinese companies are a threat to the whole world. Like CGN, Huawei and other communist Chinese companies have been driven to its corrupt business practices.

The project cost 8 billion dollars
A joint statement by the US and Romania stated that the US would provide expertise and technology for a multinational team to build two new nuclear reactors. In addition, it will restart an existing reactor at the Cernavoda nuclear power plant. The $ 8 billion project will be led by US construction and engineering firm AECOM. While Romanian, Canadian and French companies will also be assisted in this.


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