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Asian countries news: 17 people killed, many injured in bus and train collision in Thailand, many dead

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, was rocked by a horrific accident on Sunday morning. A bus and train collision in eastern Bangkok killed at least 17 people, while several others were injured. Those on the bus include people on the bus. It is being told that a total of 65 passengers were in this bus.

Accident while crossing the rail gate
The accident occurred when a bus was crossing the rail gate at Chacheangaso in East Bangkok. It was raining at the time of the incident. For this reason the driver of the bus did not see the train. Due to this, the bus collided with a sudden train. Relief and rescue work was also started as soon as the accident was reported.

17 killed, more than 30 injured
District Chief Officer Prithueng Yukasem told PBS TV in Thailand that at least 17 people were killed and 30 others were injured in the incident. He said that the bus driver could not see the train due to rain. Police said the investigation of the case is on.


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