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Asian countries News: Indians send greeting messages to Taiwan despite Chinese threats, President Tsai said 'thank you' - indians send greeting messages on taiwan national day despite chinese threats, tsai ing-wen says thank you india

In the midst of the ongoing tension in Ladakh, Indians have sent overwhelming congratulatory messages to Taiwan on its national day. In response, the Taiwanese President has thanked the Indian people. Overwhelmed by the greeting messages from India, Taiwanese President Tsai In Weng tweeted that he thanked all the people of India for the greeting message. We can be proud of protecting our shared values ‚Äč‚Äčlike freedom and human rights and protecting our democratic life. Hello.

China did not refuse
Explain that the Chinese government had already urged India not to celebrate Taiwanese Independence Day. He said that it is an integral part of China. If Taiwan’s National Day is celebrated in India, it will affect relations with China. At the same time, the Indians have denied Taiwan’s request and have extended good wishes to Taiwan.

Global Times threatened
China’s official Bhopu Global Times has reacted strongly to the posting of Taiwan National Day outside the Chinese Embassy in Delhi. Global Times said that it is like playing with fire and this will deteriorate the already deteriorating India-China relations. The Chinese newspaper said that the ruling BJP of India should stop behaving like fools and understand that it is playing with fire.

Put posters outside the Chinese Embassy congratulating Taiwan
Let us know that China is irritated by the countries having friendly relations with Taiwan. Although India’s relations with Taiwan are cordial. Today i.e. 10 October is Taiwan’s National Day. Indians have supported Taiwan on social media. Apart from this, posters congratulating Taiwan have been installed outside the Chinese Embassy in Delhi. These posters have been arranged by BJP leader Tajinder Bagga. The Chinese Embassy in India had asked the Indian media to abstain from the program. At that time also Taiwan gave a befitting reply to China.

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Guidelines were issued by the Chinese Embassy
The Chinese embassy issued guidelines to the Indian media, stating that it should not violate one Chinese policy of India on Taiwan’s national day. The embassy said in a letter issued on October 7 that all countries with diplomatic relations with China should firmly respect a China policy, which has long been the official stance of the Indian government as well. We expect the Indian media to stick to the Indian government’s stand on the Taiwan question and not violate the One China Principle. India said on Thursday on the guidelines issued by the Chinese Embassy that the media in this country is independent.

Why is there tension in China and Taiwan
In 1949, the Communist Party led by Maotse Tung overthrew the Comingtang government led by Chiang Kai-shek. After which Chiang Kai-shek formed his government by moving to the island of Taiwan. The Communist Party did not have a strong navy at that time. So they did not take control of the island by crossing the sea. Since then Taiwan considers itself the Republic of China.

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China considers Taiwan its share
China considers Taiwan an integral part. The Chinese Communist Party has also emphasized the use of military for this. Taiwan also has its own army. Which also has the support of America. However, relations with China have deteriorated ever since the Democratic Progressive Party came to power in Taiwan.


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