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From missiles to tanks, North Korea showed the world a glimpse of the devastating weapons - missiles to tanks, dictator kim jong-un show military power of north korea in pyongyang photos

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has shown the world one of its most devastating weapons. During this time, not only the North Korea’s Elite Commando Force paraded but also the most modern and secret intercontinental ballistic missile Hawasang 15 was shown. During this time the main battle tank, which looked like the Russian Armata, also caught everyone’s attention. Kim Jong, during his speech, warned that North Korea would fully activate its nuclear power if a country threatened it.

North Korea’s secret weapon shown for the first time

The missile-crazy dictator Kim Jong’s army demonstrated the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM). It is the world’s largest missile of its kind. It is so huge that it had to be carried on a 22 wheels truck. The parade showed many more weapons and Kim Jong also warned the world that the country was strengthening its strength. The ICBM was moved from the front of dictator Kim Jong Un at Kim Il Sung Square on the transporter-erector-launcher.

This missile of North Korea is fatal

Experts have said that it could be the world’s largest road-mobile liquid-fueled missile. Experts believe that the new weapon has multiple reentry vehicle capability with the help of which it can defy America’s defense systems. So far North Korea has only liquid fuel-based missiles that take time to prepare and cannot be left in the ready-to-launch state. While solid fuel missiles can be refueled, they can also be launched quickly. Detecting them is also difficult to eliminate.

North Korean tank seen copy of Russian Armata

Tanks that looked like Russia’s main battle tank Armata also appeared in North Korea’s military parade. Russia’s Armata is considered a tank of the next generation. This 55-ton tank is equipped with a 125 mm Smoothbor Canon. It is capable of firing shells at the rate of 10 to 12 rounds per minute. This tank is also capable of firing anti-aircraft missiles. If North Korea’s tank proves to be so strong, then it is a danger for countries like America, South Korea.

Warning given to America without name

Kim Jong did not directly criticize the US during the military demonstration, but did warn indirectly by showing weapons. The 75th anniversary of North Korea’s ruling party is celebrated at a time when the US election is less than four weeks away. In such a situation, whoever will become the new President of America. The first problem before him will be on restoring normal relations with North Korea.

Kim Jong trying to unify the country

Kim also gave a message to the people of the country to face the Corona virus period with full force. At the same time, he urged that the US-led sanctions against North Korea’s nuclear program stand united. The North Korean leader described the nuclear program as important for his defense and said that he was not targeting any specific country through his security forces.

Why did North Korea organize a military parade

Kim Jong Un organized the parade to commemorate the 75th Foundation Day of the Korean Workers Party on 10 October. A wide range of tanks, armored vehicles, rocket launchers and ballistic missiles were introduced during the military parade at Kim Il Sang Square in Pyongyang. This was perhaps the first such military parade in North Korea to be held at night.


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