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america news: 29 million women worldwide suffer from modern slavery, UN report reveals - 29 million girls and women victims of modern slavery, un report says

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209 million women worldwide are still victims of modern slavery. According to a United Nations report, this slavery exists in society in the form of forced labor, forced marriages, mortgage lending and domestic slavery. The number of modern slavery women currently exceeds the total population of Australia.

More women affected than total population of Australia
Grace Forrest, co-founder of the Walk Free Anti-Slavery Organization, said that one in every 130 women and girls living in modern slavery today. He also said that the reality is that there are more people living in slavery today than at any other time in human history. Whereas people consider today’s developed society to be the best for women.

What is the definition of modern slavery
Grace Forrest said that where one person exploits another person for financial or self-benefit and ends the freedom of others in a phased manner. This is considered by the Walk Free Anti-Slavery Organization to be the definition of modern slavery. The global estimate of one in 130 women and girls living in modern slavery has been made based on the work of the International Labor Organization of the United Nations and the International Organization for Migration.

Crimes against women increased
The stacked odds category of this report states that 99 percent of all victims of sexual assault are women. Women constitute 84% of all victims of forced marriages and 58% of all victims of forced labor. The report states that the face of modern slavery has changed radically over time.

These figures are before the epidemic
Grace Forrest, the co-founder of the organization that created this report, said the figures are in pre-epidemic onset. So how did women and girls become victimized or affected their independence after the epidemic. There is no information about this yet.

Demand for declaring child and forced marriage a crime from 136 countries
Forrest said that Walk Free and the Every Woman Every Child Program of the UN is launching a global campaign to demand action to end modern slavery. The program will urge the abolition of child marriage and forced marriage. There are still 136 countries in the world where this practice is not considered a crime.

Companies also urged to stop bonded wages and exploitation
It has been told that through this campaign, multinational companies will also be requested for transparency and accountability. Forrest said that we know that women and girls have to exploit and force labor in the supply chains of the goods we buy every day. Especially in companies working in the fields of clothes, coffee, technology, this is happening more.


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