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China fired tear gas shells on team returning to investigate seam pillar in Nepal


  • Attack on team investigating border pillar in Nepal
  • China’s security forces fired tear gas, the team was returning
  • Went to inspect pillars on the border with China
  • Country’s government has claimed, no border dispute with China

Nepal, who has been sharper about the border dispute with India, has denied any such dispute with China. Even the Foreign Minister of the country, Pradeep Gyawali, had clearly stated that the country’s border dispute is with India and not with China. On the other hand, all government reports and opposition parties have also accused the government of hiding the truth and claimed that China is tampering with the status quo by disappearing pillars from the border. Now Chinese security forces have reported the firing of tear gas shells on a team from Nepal.

Were returning after monitoring the pillar
The team went to investigate the pillar along the border at Namkha in Humla district. This was informed by Peema Lama, vice president of the Namkha village body. He said that tear gas shells were fired from the Chinese side targeting Nepal’s team. This team was led by Nepali Congress leader Jeevan Bahadur Shahi.

They were returning after monitoring the post at Humla when the team was attacked. Lama said the tear gas was fired near pillar number 9 when they were returning after inspecting the pillars number 5, 6, 7 and 8. The lama also suffered an eye injury.

It was alleged in the reports
Significantly, the report of Nepal’s Ministry of Agriculture claimed that China was seizing Nepal’s land and its villages in the name of construction work in Tibet. It was alleged that China was occupying the land of Nepal by changing the direction of the rivers and moving the pillars along the border. Opposition parties created a lot of uproar over this.

Nepal government continues to deny
However, the Nepali Communist Party of the country continued to deny these allegations. The Prime Minister of the country, KP Sharma Oli even said that the pillars which are being claimed to have disappeared, were never engaged. The country’s foreign minister Pradeep Gyawali also said that there is no border dispute with China, it is with India.

Now India and Nepal will talk on Kalapani and Lipulek


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