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Kim Jong Un in North Korea's Military Parade

There are often reports of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Censorship of information in the country does not usually lead to real circumstances. However, an event was organized on 10 October in the country which had the eye of the whole world. Actually, not only the dictator Kim Jong appeared in front of the world but also showed the full power of his military power. The special thing is that during this time Kim also appeared emotional and thanked the country’s army for stopping the corona virus epidemic.

Killer missiles were discussed

Let me tell you that North Korean cruel dictator Kim Jong-un who loves killer missiles to a great extent has created a very deadly new nuclear missile that can destroy any city in the whole of America. The news of North Korea’s missile making comes at a time when talks between Kim Jong-un and Western countries have stalled. The missile is named Hwasong-15 and Kim Jong Un is believed to have launched it in the military parade. However, it has not been confirmed yet.

Nobody wore a mask

During this time, Kim Jong also claimed that no one in the country has had a corona infection. The country has claimed this right from the beginning, but all the reports have denied this claim. However, no one appeared to be wearing a mask even during the parade. Kim cited the sanctions imposed on North Korea, natural disasters such as typhoons, and the worldwide coronation virus corona virus as the reason behind not fulfilling his economic growth promise.

‘We will not use weapons first’

The special thing is that North Korea’s ballistic missiles were also displayed in the parade. Kim said that the country wants to increase the strength of its national security. He also claimed that strength was also being increased to avoid war in self-defense. However, he made it clear that the country’s strength would not be used first.

Army showed strength

The 75th anniversary of the ruling workers party was celebrated in North Korea on Saturday. The ceremony was seen here as an event when Kim has given a message to the country and abroad. Rifle-armed soldiers took part in the parade during this period and a large crowd watched. The Joint Chiefs of Staff of South Korea said that North Korea displayed a large number of military equipment during the parade.


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