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Two finger test: Two-finger test of rape victims inhuman: Pakistan government - two finger test of rape victims inhuman says pakistan government

Pakistan’s government has said that it is not in favor of a two-finger investigation (TFT) on victims to confirm rape. He suggests that it should not be made part of a medical-legal test report in cases of sexual assault. According to the news of Dawn News, Additional Attorney General Chaudhary Ishtiaq Ahmed Khan has been informed by the Ministry of Law and Justice in Lahore regarding this recommendation of the government.

Now Khan will make the Lahore High Court aware of this approach of the federal government. The World Health Organization had said that TFT is ‘unscientific, clinically non-essential and not reliable’. In the backdrop of this statement, the court sought a response from the Law Ministry. According to the news, two PILs have been filed in the court challenging the TFT.

It states that TFT is ‘humiliating, inhuman and violates basic rights of women’. Earlier, in the hearing held last month, other health departments also advised to remove this investigation from the protocol of Medico-Legal Certificate. The Lahore High Court will begin hearing on the matter in the first week of next month.


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