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Poster to congratulate Taiwan outside Chinese embassy, ​​Chinese media threatens BJP not to play with fire


  • Global Times fires outside Chinese Embassy in New Delhi to post a congratulatory post on Taiwan National Day
  • Global Times said that it is like playing with fire, it will worsen the already bad relations and
  • The Chinese newspaper said that the ruling BJP of India should stop behaving like fools and understand that it is playing with fire

China’s state-run global Times has erupted outside the Chinese Embassy in the capital New Delhi over the posting of the Taiwan National Day by Delhi BJP leader Tajinder Bagga. Global Times said that it is like playing with fire and this will deteriorate the already deteriorating India-China relations. The Chinese newspaper said that the ruling BJP of India should stop behaving like fools and understand that it is playing with fire.

The Global Times quoted Chinese expert Liu Kaiyu as saying that the BJP leader has taken this step at a time when Indian media has supported and supported Taiwan’s National Day. A fellow Indian Foreign Ministry official has endorsed the Indian media’s right to publish their views while not respecting a Chinese policy.

BJP leader Tajinder Bagga gets posters of ‘Happy National Day’ outside Chinese Embassy

The alleged Chinese expert said that India’s attempt to provoke the Taiwanese question would have such an impact on India-China relations that “it cannot be rectified again”. Zhao Gancheng, an international affairs expert at the Shanghai Institute, said, “India is playing with fire by challenging China’s one-China policy.” He claimed that by provoking anti-China sentiments domestically on the question of India Taiwan, the Indian government is forcing India to step back from treating China as a neighbor.

‘BJP provoking Taiwan’s question amidst Indo-China tension’
Zhao said that India should not be surprised when it has to lose its hands by economic and mutual exchanges. The Chinese expert said that the Indian government still openly followed a China policy but began to shrug in the name of freedom of the press. Chinese Research Fellow Hu Zhiong said that the nationalist BJP is instigating the question of Taiwan amidst Indo-China tension in an unethical manner. She has crossed the Lakshman Rekha as she is playing the Taiwanese card and is thinking that she will negotiate with China.

Hu said that this provocative action will not bring anything good to India and will only provoke further bilateral tensions already on the ground. Even this will harm the strategic partnership between the two countries. The Global Times said that India has still not taken any step on the 5-point agreement in Moscow. India has increased its military deployment. This has forced the Chinese military to be prepared to deal with any situation on the border.

Dragon poses a serious challenge to democracy, India-China clash example: Taiwanese President

Put posters outside the Chinese Embassy congratulating Taiwan
Let us know that China is irritated by the countries having friendly relations with Taiwan. Although India’s relations with Taiwan are cordial. Today i.e. 10 October is Taiwan’s National Day. Indians have supported Taiwan on social media. Apart from this, posters congratulating Taiwan have been installed outside the Chinese Embassy in Delhi. These posters have been arranged by BJP leader Tajinder Bagga. The Chinese Embassy in India had asked the Indian media to abstain from the program. At that time also Taiwan gave a befitting reply to China.

There are such posters in Chanakyapuri. The Occupied Mainland is a map of China and has ‘Happy National Day’ written under Taiwan in capital letters. There is already anger against China and Xi Jinping on social media. Now after such posters have surfaced, the Chinese are sure to get beaten up. The Chinese Embassy falls on Shantipath. Many people have demanded renaming of Shantipath as Dalai Lama Path. He says that this will make China realize the condition of Tibet every day.


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