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north korea military parade latest news: North Korea military parade: 'sleeping' world, thundering dictator Kim Jong Un's fighter jet overnight!  - north korea military parade may have taken place in early hours of saturday morning


People all over the world eagerly waiting for the much talked about military parade of North Korea are seen getting shocked. South Korean media reports say that North Korea’s military parade has already been completed. According to sources, North Korea has completed the military parade on Saturday’s Alsubh. It was executed between midnight to two in the morning.

South Korea’s news website NK News quoted sources as saying they had received information about a fighter jet flying over Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, overnight. He was also seen with drone aircraft and deadly weapons. He also said that there were loud fireworks till late Friday and early Saturday morning. The Joint Chiefs of Staff of South Korea said on Saturday that it appears that North Korea has already organized a military parade.

Kim Jong-un built new killer nuclear missile, could destroy US

‘Foreign diplomats were also not allowed to go to the parade’

He said that a large number of people participated in the military parade. Intelligence agencies of South Korea and the US are closely monitoring this whole incident. It is being told that the official newspaper in North Korea has also not been published yet. It is believed that North Korea wants to hide its deadly weapons so that the world cannot get accurate information about it. The extent to which this entire program was kept can be gauged from the fact that even foreign diplomats were not allowed into the parade.

Let me tell you that North Korean cruel dictator Kim Jong-un who loves killer missiles to a great extent has created a very deadly new nuclear missile that can destroy any city of the entire US. The news of North Korea’s missile making comes at a time when talks between Kim Jong-un and Western countries have stalled. The missile is named Hwasong-15 and Kim Jong Un is believed to have launched it in the military parade. However, it has not been confirmed yet.

It is being told that the main attraction of Kim Jong Un’s military parade is the Hwasong-15 missile. This missile can carry 8000 miles or about 12800 km with a 1000 kg explosive. North Korean state media reported that these new intercontinental missiles could carry huge nuclear weapons through which the entire US could be targeted.

A new structure was built to hide the new missile

Earlier pictures of the preparations for this military parade revealed that a new structure has been built to hide Kim Jong Un’s new missile. In addition, the Okru bridge connecting the parade ground in the capital Pyongyang has also been repaired. Some claim that the bridge has been repaired so that huge missiles can be easily carried from it.

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