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Taiwan National Day China sends fighter jets: Taiwan celebrates National Day, Chinese Dragon sends fighter jets to threaten - taiwan celebrates national day china sends fighter jets to threaten


  • Even on Taiwan’s National Day, the Chinese dragon did not desist from threatening her
  • China sends fighter jets to the border on the eve of National Day
  • The Taiwanese army also promptly drove them away, replying

Chinese dragon bullying on Taiwan’s National Day did not stop. China sent its fighter aircraft near the Taiwan border on the eve of National Day on Friday evening. The army of Taiwan also promptly drove them away, giving a befitting reply. China has sent its fighter jets to the Taiwan border more than 2,972 times so far this year. Taiwan has had to spend about $ 90 million only on fleeing Chinese warplanes.

Vice President of Taiwan Lai Ching Tae tweeted that China sent its war planes to provoke us once again on the eve of our Taiwan National Day. But it will not stop our celebrations. This will not prevent us from protecting peace and stability in the region. Earlier, Taiwan’s Defense Minister had said that the pressure on our army has increased considerably due to the frequent sending of Chinese fighters.

China teased with growing cooperation between US and Taiwan
The Defense Minister said that his country is facing a serious crisis. On the other hand, experts say that China is constantly sending its fighter jet to Taiwan Strait to exhaust the Taiwanese army. China is teased by the increasing cooperation between the US and Taiwan these days. In view of this crisis of China, Taiwan President Tsei Ing Wen has vowed that she will strengthen the country’s security and work for regional security.

Earlier, the Chinese military had strongly objected to the arrival of US Deputy Secretary of State Keith Krach and sent 18 fighter jets over the Taiwan Strait and demonstrated such massive power in an unusual manner. According to Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense, China had dispatched 19 fighter jets, including two bomber aircraft.

America engaged in making Taiwan an impregnable ‘fort’
The US is now trying to make Taiwan an impregnable ‘fort’ amid the looming threat of Chinese military attack. America is offering 7 extremely lethal weapons to Taiwan, including cruise missiles and drone aircraft. Not only this, the Donald Trump administration of America has increased its pressure on China even more. Earlier, the US had made a policy that it would not give such weapons to Taiwan which angered China. However, after the Hong Kong crisis, the US has now changed its policy.


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