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Corona crisis, WHO did not receive Nobel Peace Prize, provoked Chinese media


  • Chinese media has been enraged over the non-recognition of the Nobel Peace Prize to the World Health Organization
  • The editor of China’s official Silent Global Times called the Nobel Peace Prize useless
  • WHO is accused of acting at the behest of China amid Corona virus crisis

Chinese media has been enraged over allegations of acting at the behest of China in the midst of the Corona virus crisis after the World Health Organization (WHO) was not awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Hu Shijin, the editor of the Chinese government-run Global Times, even went as far as to say that the Nobel Peace Prize has gone in vain and should be discontinued.

Shijin wrote, “There is not so much courage inside the Nobel Committee to award the World Health Organization because it will offend America.” The Nobel Prize should have been canceled long ago. It does nothing other than touting only the big people of Western and America and sometimes tries to create an artificial balance.

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World Food Program won the Nobel Peace Prize
Earlier on Friday, it was announced that the World Food Program would be honored with the Peace Nobel Prize for the year 2020. The United Nations program for fighting hunger and food security efforts on a global scale was announced on Friday. The Nobel Peace Prize was announced by Berit Reis Anderson, chairman of the Nobel Committee in Oslo.

Norway’s Nobel Committee awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for its efforts to fight hunger, improve conditions for peace in war-torn regions, and prevent hunger from being used as a weapon in the event of war and conflict. Have decided to give. The Nobel committee said that due to the corona virus epidemic, the number of hungry people worldwide has increased by millions. The committee called upon governments to ensure financial support to the World Food Program and other aid organizations so that they could provide food to them.

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World Health Organization targeting many countries including America
The World Health Organization (WHO) has hit the target of many countries, including the US, which is suffering from the corona virus. US President Donald Trump has alleged that WHO has become ‘China-centric’. Trump, who is very angry with the WHO over the entire catastrophe, has stopped funding of this global institution. President Donald Trump of the United States recently tweeted, alleging, ‘We give most or the largest portion of the funding to WHO. When I imposed a travel ban they did not agree with him and he criticized it. they were wrong. They have been wrong about many things. They already had a lot of information and they seem to be China-centric to a large extent. ‘


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