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10 october 1944 on this day eight hundred children are gassed to death at Auschwitz

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Today will always be recorded in the pages of history with black ink. On this day, on October 10, 1944, 800 romantic children were murdered. Of these, 100 were children whose age was between 9 and 14 years. Everyone knows Hitler’s genius, but few people will know about this incident.

Ashwitz of Poland
The biggest center of Hitler’s generosity was Ashwitz of Poland. This was the largest concentration camp of Nazi rule. The Nazi intelligence agency SS used to capture Jews from all over Europe. Many of these people were killed by putting them in the gas chamber as soon as they reached the camp. At the same time, there were many people who had to live knee-to-knee for months. Their scalp hair was cleaned. Clothes were stripped and worn. Then work was done day and night, and then they were given food to stay alive.

How was the house of death
Auschwitz was actually a group of camps, named 1, 2, 3 such. There were also 40 small satellite camps here. It was called Auschwitz II and it was established in Birkenau on October 1941. The Nazi intelligence agency SS was making all the arrangements for the death here. Here all the methods of giving death from terrible to terrible were adopted. 300 jail barracks, four bathrooms, furnaces, corpses warehouse were all available. Thousands of prisoners used to have medical experiments here. And Joseph used to do all this, who used to look after this camp.

Women had revolted
On October 7, 1944, there was a small rebellion. Many were forced to move from gas chambers to furnaces to dispose of the corpses of several hundred Jewish prisoners. The Jews blew one gas chamber using explosives and set fire to another. These explosives were smuggled to Jewish women who worked in a nearby armory factory.

Shot dead
Of the approximately 450 prisoners involved in the sabotage, about 250 managed to escape from the camp during the chaos. They were all surrounded and shot. He was also killed among the co-conspirators who had no fault. Because there were five women in the armory factory but none of the women had spoken to each other before being tortured for detailed information about the smuggling operations.

Compensation not received
During the reign of Hitler, the Romans were subjected to brutal atrocities. About 1.5 million Romani people were murdered by the Nazis. As in the 1950s, the Romans tried to get compensation for themselves, but here too they had no support. The German government refused to say anything to him. He said he was persecuted under the Nazis not for any racial reason but for being a cynical and criminal record. He was also stigmatized in light of the atrocities inflicted on him.

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