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Meteorite in Brazil did day at night

In Brazil, people got a wonderful view of the past. Here a meteorite collided into the atmosphere, making the night sky look like a day. In Rio Grande do Sul, cameras captured the view so that experts are now studying it. The Brazilian Meteorite Observation Network (BRAMON) reported that a small meteorite hit the atmosphere at a speed of 17 km per second.

The International Meteorite Organization (IMO) reported, “A shining fireball passed over Brazil when a 40-second meteorite was seen by about 40 people.” According to BRAMON, it had become daylight at night. According to the information, this fireball went north at a speed of 17 km per second. When the last flash was seen, it must have been at 22 km altitude.

What are meteorites?
Meteorites are part of the asteroid. When asteroid breaks due to some reason, a small piece of it gets separated from them which is called meteoroid. When these meteorites reach close to the earth, they burn as they come in contact with the atmosphere and we see a light that looks like a Shooting Star which is a falling star, but they are not really stars. These are called Meteor and the rain of many meteorites is called Meteor Shower.


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