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Coffins found in Egypt with liturgical chants


  • 4000 year old coffins opened in Egypt last day
  • Book of mantras wrapped in cloth inside the coffin
  • After dying, we have told the way to the ‘other’ world
  • Many ancient history can be revealed in more coffins

Archaeologists have many ancient secrets in Egypt. Thousands of years old coffins have been found here, from which many important information about that time has been found. Similarly, archaeologists have found a book 4000 years old inside an earthen coffin. It is believed that this may be the oldest book of its kind ever. It can also reveal many mysteries of an ancient civilization.

Recognition after death
The Egyptian government announced the discovery of 59 ancient coffins in the cemetery of Sakkara, south of Cair. In one of these earthen coffins, the team found fabric-inscriptions wrapped in bright colors. It is believed that more such inscriptions may be there. The special thing is that these inscriptions tell the stories of the Egyptian era when there was a recognition of people after death.

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Way to reach god
Egyptian religious beliefs considered three possibilities after death. An underworld, a rebirth and a chronicle. There was only one way to get to the underworld or duat that went through the tomb of the deceased. This mystery has been inaugurated in a discovery made in Egypt. The Egyptian book ‘Book of the Dead’ gives a way to pass through the spiritual world to reach Osiris, the god of death. Now archaeologists have found a copy of it 4000 years old.

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Whose coffin is it?
The study’s researcher doctor, Harco William, states that the work of the text found in the coffins was to transport the dead to the world of the gods. He said that in it, things like living in another world were given while addressing a man. He had expressed the possibility that the coffin could belong to a governor. However, a closer examination revealed that it could be of a woman named Ankh. The bones found in it may also be of a woman, but in the book, Ankh is described as male.

Way through mantras
The book begins with text written inside a red line stating ‘Ring of Fire’. The text states that the sun god crosses this ring and reaches Osiris. It talks about doors. There are different paths to some post-mortem worlds around which there are spirits and supernatural creatures. According to this, if Ankh had read all the ministers correctly, she would have become a deity after she died.


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