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China's barracks to keep warm near Pangong Lake

A major challenge facing China amidst tensions in the Pangong Lake area from India is the Himalayan trembling winter. Temperatures have started to reach -10 degrees near Pangong Lake. In such a situation, China has prepared such barracks near its border where the soldiers of its People’s Liberation Army (PLA) can be kept warm. A few days ago, reports about these barracks had appeared in the Chinese media.

Preparation seen in satellite photos
China’s reports have been revealed by satellite photos of GEOINT and Sim Tack after reports from the Chinese news network. The open intelligence source detresfa shared these photos showing that there are new barracks in Pangong Lake and Spangur Lake, about 100 km from the clashes, which have been under construction since last year 2019. Apart from these, solar panels can also be seen in satellite photos.

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Solar energy use, Many facilities
Temperatures in Pangong Soo can go up to minus 25 degrees Celsius. The PLA has now started installing thermal insulation to keep its soldiers’ barracks warm. These units, powered by solar power, have been built by the Army Engineering University. They can be maintained at temperatures up to 15 ° C. Hot temperature crops have also been prepared for bathing and cooking with the dwelling.

Inaugurated a few days ago
Earlier there were reports that the Chinese Defense Ministry officials inaugurated the barrack on the banks of Lake Pangong in which thousands of Chinese army personnel, weapons and ammunition can be kept. Chinese producer Media CGTN’s news producer Shane Shivai tweeted a video showing the glimpse of this barrack.

China ready to freeze for a long time in Pangong, state-of-the-art barracks built on the border

Siachen experience near India
He claimed that this state-of-the-art barrack would save Chinese soldiers from the fierce cold of Ladakh. He said that this barrack has been provided with state-of-the-art heating system, oxygen support and living resources. The Indian Army will also use a variety of equipment to withstand the fierce cold of Ladakh. Most of these goods have already been used by Indian troops in the world’s highest battlefield like Siachen. In such a situation, how long the Chinese army will last in front of the Indian army, it will be a matter to be seen.

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