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India Taiwan Relations: Taiwan Asks China To Get Lost Again While Praising India

China has been touting claims over Taiwan for a long time, tensed on the eastern border with India. It even threatens other countries by having ties with Taiwan. Despite this, India has friendly relations with Taiwan. Taiwan has once again heard China blushing over it. Indeed, on October 10, Saturday, Taiwan’s National Day, Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry has once again pointed to China, thanking Indians for joining in the celebration – go to hell.

Friendship with India, defying China
Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs tweeted on Friday- ‘Many friends from India are ready to join the celebration of Taiwan National Day. Our hearts in Taiwan are delighted with this amazing support. thank you. When we say that we like India, we believe it. ‘get lost’. It is worth mentioning that earlier, when the Chinese Embassy in India asked the Indian media to stay away from the program, Taiwan had given a befitting reply to China.

Taipei’s advice to Indian media on Taiwan’s National Day coverage, Taipei gives a befitting reply

‘go to hell’
Taiwan’s foreign ministry tweeted, “India is the largest democracy on earth with a vibrant press and free people.” But it seems that Communist China wants to enter the subcontinent by imposing censorship. Indian friends from Taiwan would have only one answer – go to hell. ‘

Actually, October 10 is Taiwan’s National Day. China considers it as its share and wants the whole world to accept it as its share. The special thing is that China, which calls for One China, has been calling Ladakh as a Union Territory as ‘illegal’, which is an insult to India’s territorial sovereignty.


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