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Chinese app Tiktok ban in Pakistan


  • Chinese app blocked in Pakistan
  • Accused of spreading obscenity, lewd content
  • Warned to monitor it in july
  • No improvement then decided to block

Pakistan has decided to ban Tik-Tok. Pakistan has blocked the video sharing app of its friend China company ByteDance due to spreading ‘vulgarity’. Significantly, in June, India had banned many Chinese apps, including Tic-Talk, citing security reasons. However, Pakistan has made it clear that it has made the decision for culture, not security, and if the tick-talk improves, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) will reconsider its decision.

Multiple warnings
An official has told Reuters about the decision that he was repeatedly being asked to devise a process to block unethical and uncivil content but the platform could not satisfy the Pakistani authority. It was then decided to block tick-talk in Pakistan. In July itself, Pakistan warned Tiktok for this. However, the PTA has clarified that the authority will reconsider its decision if the tick-talk content brings in proper mechanism for moderating.

Pakistani Information Minister Shibli Faraj had said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has spoken to him on this issue not once, but 15 times. They are not worried about data security with this app, but were considering banning many apps, including TicketLock, due to the rapidly spreading pornography in the country.

Imran is concerned about culture
Shibli had said that most of Imran Khan’s time has been spent in Europe and America. Despite this, they are concerned about the culture of Pakistan. They want to strengthen our culture again. He said that PM Imran wants that the way the government has the authority to broadcast TV channels in Turkey and Iran, the same system should also be in Pakistan.


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