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Has Joe Biden chosen his running mate so far?

Election campaign in America is at its peak. In August, Joe Biden secured a tick for the US presidential election on behalf of the Democratic Party. He chose Kamala Harris of Indian African origin as his running mate. If Biden wins the election, Kamala Harris will become the Vice President of the United States. She will be the first African American to become the Vice-President.

Kamala Harris (55 )’s father is African (from Jamaica) and mother is Indian. He is a US Senator from California. Harris’s mother Shyamala Gopalan married Donald Harris, a Jamaican economist. The two separated when Kamala was five. Biden (77) announced this in a written message recently and ended speculation over several days. He made this announcement before the ‘Democratic National Convention’. He said in his message, ‘Joe Biden or I have chosen Kamala Harris as the Vice Presidential candidate. Together with you (US President Donald) we will beat Trump. Welcome to the team.

Biden said she would be the best partner in getting the country back on track. Her campaigning campaign said, ‘Biden is contesting to re-unify the nation to take the country forward. Biden is well aware of the importance of the post of Vice President and is confident that Kamala Harris will be the best partner to get the country back on track. ‘

Harris later tweeted that Biden ‘can unite the American people because he has fought for us all his life. As President, he will live up to the ideals. He said, “I am proud to join my party as Vice-Presidential candidate and I will do my best to make him President.” Former President Barack Obama said he had known Harris for a long time. Obama said, “He (Harris) is fully prepared to discharge the responsibility. They have worked to protect our constitution and fought for the needy. ‘


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