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Not only the opposition, Imran Khan is also facing this serious challenge, a big crisis is standing in front.

In Pakistan, facing the Grand Alliance of 11 opposition parties, Prime Minister Imran Khan is already facing a mountain of challenges. Imran is now going to face another new problem which may increase his problems. In its meeting this month, the Economic Action Task Force (FATF) is going to decide on the Pakistan gray list. If the FATF takes a tough stance, then Imran’s crisis may worsen.

The virtual meeting of the FATF is going to take place between October 21-23. According to the report of Hindustan Times, a new action plan for Pakistan can be prepared in this meeting which will be based on the mutual review report for the year 2019. In this, out of the 27-point action plan given by FATF to Pakistan, those points which Pakistan has not yet completed.

Jem giving directions to its sleeper cell in Kashmir
While Pakistan often accuses India of politicizing the FATF, the reality is that Pakistan-based terror groups such as Jaish-e-Mohammad and Lashkar-e-Taiba are continuously targeting ordinary civilians and security forces in Kashmir. Huh. The chief handler of Jaish, Qasim Jan, is still giving directions to his sleeper cell in Kashmir. Kasim attacked Pathankot airbase.

Lashkar leader Hafiz Saeed’s son Talha also plans to carry out terrorist activities against India. People watching Pakistan say that Imran Khan is going to Afghanistan and he can use his influence on the Taliban and Haqqani network to discuss ceasefire in Afghanistan. Their motive behind this is to take some relief from FATF.

Pakistan still has to implement 27-point action plan
Earlier, US President Donald Trump announced that US forces would return from Afghanistan before Christmas this year. Although it is not as easy to say, it is not visible. In the 2019 report, Pakistan is facing the threat of money laundering and terror financing. Since Pakistan is yet to implement the 27-point action plan, the 2019 report presents a very poor picture of Pakistan.

An Indian expert said that Pakistan will be reviewed again on the basis of the 2019 report. New goals will be worked out with Pakistan. In this situation, it is very difficult for Pakistan to get out of the gray list of FTF. Let us know that Pakistan, which has raised and raised terrorists, has had to succumb to the pressure of FATF. Pakistan has passed two Bills relating to strict conditions set by the FATF.

Pakistan is in gray list since June 2016
The Bills include prohibition and confiscation of property of institutions and individuals specified in the UN sanctions list, prohibiting travel and possession of arms and heavy fines and long-term prison measures for those who promote terrorism. . These two bills meet the various requirements of the Paris-based FATF, which in June 2016 put it in its ‘gray list’ to implement a 27 list scheme to reform Pakistan’s legal system to curb money laundering and terrorism financing. Had given.

Pak removed 1800 names from surveillance list

Let us tell you that in the midst of the Corona catastrophe, Pakistan had made a big move to remove itself from the gray list of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). Pakistan has removed the names of thousands of terrorists from the surveillance list in the last 18 months. This list had a total of 7600 names in the year 2018 but in the last 18 months its number has been reduced to 3800. Not only this, since the beginning of the month of March this year, 1800 names have been removed from the list. It includes many dreaded terrorists.


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