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nancy pelosi vs donald trump: US election: nancy pelosi to start the process of constitutionally removing donald trump - us election 2020 nancy pelosi to begin the process of constitutionally removing donald trump

New York
Carrying forward her confrontation with the Corona virus-infected US President Donald Trump, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has announced that she will introduce a bill to form a panel. This panel will assess Donald Trump’s ability to continue as president. Pelosi insisted on Thursday that Trump was in a changed situation. Elections are due in the country on 3 November.

Referring to Trump’s decision to cancel talks on the Kovid-19 relief package and later sign a partial deal, the speaker told Bloomberg News, “I don’t know how I would react to this behavior.” The Democratic Party speaker said, “There are people who say that when you are on steroids or infected with Kovid-19, there may be some loss of judgment.”

Calling for a constitutional provision to remove the president from office, Speaker and fellow-Democrat MP Jamie Ruskin said they would introduce a bill on Friday to set up a commission to assess Trump’s ability. The move is expected to be largely symbolic as a motion passed by a Democratic-dominated House of Representatives in a constitutional coup attempt to oust Trump is unlikely to get approval from the Republican-controlled Senate.

At the same time, Trump retorted, saying in a tweet, “Crazy Nancy is the woman who should be under observation.” Later when asked about Pelosi’s claim about the changed situation regarding Trump, Alyssa Farah, White House’s strategic communications director, told reporters, “Absolutely not. The President is strong. They are working. He never stopped. ‘ Trump’s personal physician issued a memorandum on Thursday evening stating that he is stable and may be involved in public activity on Saturday.


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