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India China & US Tension: US Sends USS Ronald Reagan & USS Georgia Submarine To Indian Ocean

The US is gearing up to rein in China’s growing audacity in the Indo-Pacific region. The US has sent two of its deadliest weapons to the Indian Ocean to meet the growing challenge of the China Navy. These American weapons are so destructive that they can destroy any country in a blink of an eye. These US weapons are named – Ohio class cruise missile submarine USS Georgia and aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan. These two are present in the Indian Ocean these days. Let us know why the USS Georgia and USS Ronald Reagan are considered weapons of destruction all over the world…

USS Georgia Submarine passed through Diago Garcia

On the basis of satellite images, defense specialist Hi Sutton revealed in US Forbes magazine that the USS Georgia, one of the deadliest submarines of the US Navy, stayed at the US Naval Base Diago Garcia in the Indian Ocean for 4 days. This nuclear powered submarine reached Diagogarsia on 25 September. It is believed that Submarine’s crew has been replaced here. This Ohio-class submarine is considered to be the largest submarine in the United States with a capacity of 17 thousand tons for its replacement. This submarine was launched in the year 1982.

This American submarine equipped with nuclear missiles

This nuclear submarine, about 560 feet long, is equipped with a number of missiles capable of carrying an Atom bomb. According to experts, this killer submarine is equipped with 154 Tomahawk cruise missiles capable of ground attack. The base of this submarine is stationed at the Submarine base in Georgia, USA. From here they are sent worldwide. The Diago Garcia Naval Base of America is located approximately 1,000 nautical miles from the south of the Indian subcontinent. America has also deployed its deadliest bomber, the B-2 Spirit, strategically in this naval base.

The threat of China Navy growing rapidly in the Indian Ocean

The United States has sent a big message to China by sending its deadliest submarine to Diagogarsia, located just a short distance from India. Indeed, China has begun to consolidate its position in the Indian Ocean with its Naval Port in Djibouti and Gwadar Port in Pakistan. In such a situation, the US has sent a big message by sending its nuclear submarine to Diagogarsia. Apart from this, the ongoing tension between India and China in Ladakh is also being linked to the journey of this submarine. The United States can attack from the Diago Garcia Naval Base from West Asia to Africa, the Indian Ocean and even the South China Sea at any time.

American aircraft carrier reached Andaman

Three of its 20 aircraft and helicopter carriers, which are said to be a symbol of American strength, are continuously patrolling in different areas of Asia. The USS Ronald Reagan, a US-based aircraft carrier, has reached Andaman to prevent China’s infiltration into the Indian Ocean. America has deployed 90 deadly fighter aircraft and more than 3000 marines on this nuclear powered aircraft carrier. Open source intelligence @detresfa_ tweeted that this aircraft carrier was sighted a while back near the Malacca Strait. It is believed that it will also go to the American Naval Base Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean.

Learn how powerful the USS Ronald Reagan is

The USS Ronald Reagan is considered very powerful in America’s supercarriers. The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier was commissioned into the US Navy on 12 July 2003. The Yokosuka Naval Base of Japan is the homebase of this aircraft carrier. This is part of the Career Strike Group 11 which alone has the power to ruin many countries on its own. The 332-meter-long aircraft carrier deploys around 90 combat aircraft and helicopters and around 3000 naval personnel. Aircraft carrier UAS Nimits is included in the US’s seventh fleet. The fleet reached the Bay of Bengal during the 1971 Indo-Pakistani War (Bangladesh Liberation War). Its purpose was to assist the Pakistani army in Bangladesh (then East Pakistan). But at that time Russia stood firmly with India. This brought the seventh fleet back to America.

These benefits from encircling China in the Indian Ocean

Along with India, the US, Japan and Australia are set to surround China in the Indian Ocean. If the dragon has any snowball now, he will have to bear the consequences. The bulk of China’s trade goes to the Gulf and African countries via the Indian Ocean. Whereas, China imports the bulk of its energy needs through this route. If the Indian Navy blocks this route, then China will have to bear the brunt of many things including oil. At present, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is not even completed, so China cannot do any import-export this way.

America has fought many battles with Diego Garcia

The island is strategically important for the US, with the island of Diago Garcia being remote, safe and located in the heart of the Indian Ocean. The island’s length of India’s southern coast is 970 nautical miles, 925 nautical miles from the southwestern part of Sri Lanka, 2,200 nautical miles from the Hormuz Strait and 1600 nautical miles from the mouth of the Malacca Strait. The island has 1700 US military personnel and 1500 civilian contractors, including 50 British soldiers. The island is used jointly by both the US Navy and the Air Force. In the Gulf War of 1991, the Iraq War of 1998 and during 2001, many air operations in Afghanistan were conducted from the Diego Garcia base itself. Now with the help of this naval base, the United States is monitoring China’s growing activities in the Indian Ocean.


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