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Birds found dead in philadelphia: 'rain' of dead birds from sky in America, people feared of destruction - us migratory birds found dead in philadelphia in single day people feared of destruction

An incident that occurred 72 years later in the city of Philadelphia in the United States caused local people to panic. More than 1,500 migratory birds began to fall suddenly on October 2 in the city of Philadelphia. Later most of them died. These birds were heading south before the winter season. It is being told that such an incident took place earlier in the year 1948. People are frightened by the sudden death of birds.

‘Thousands of birds were falling from the sky, this devastating event’

Stephen Masijewski, an activist working for wildlife in Philadelphia, said, “Many birds were falling from the sky, we don’t know what’s going on.” This is certainly a devastating event. Earlier such an incident took place in the year 1948. Stephen told that between 5 am and 8 am on October 2, he had collected 400 birds.

‘There were so many birds on the road that could not lift’

Stephen said, ‘There were many and I had to raise 5 birds at once. The person who did the cleaning work in front of me, put more than 75 live or dead migratory birds in front of me. He thought that I had come to collect them. There were so many birds there that I could not pick them up. ‘ During this time I noted the impact of the flight path, time and location of each bird.

Birds died due to being trapped in high-rise buildings!

It is believed that these birds were trapped and fell in high-rise buildings on their way to Canada and elsewhere. Experts say that there has been a sudden drop in temperature in the area, due to which birds are now moving from Philadelphia to other places in such a large number. According to local media, many birds collided with the glass of buildings. Earlier, a bill was introduced in the US Parliament which said that glass should not be used in buildings at high altitudes. Stephen said that the existence of these birds has been threatened by the glass buildings.


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